Who we are


PharmaSoft, is a consulting firm that combines professional software solutions with specialized expertise in drug safety, regulatory afffairs, quality assurance, compliance and risk management.

PharmaSoft which has been certified as a Contracted Pharmacovigilance Service Provider by the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency (TMMDA /TITCK) Inspection Services as of 18.01.2017, gives you support for your pharmacovigilance obligations.

With proper time management our professional team optimizes the risk profiles by easing the workload and they also help the organizations to maximize their staff efficiency.

Our expert team challenges conventional thinking by seeing what others don’t with their fastidious quality and they offer innovative solutions to outstanding issues.

For your all issues that you need support PharmaSoft aims to deliver high quality services as your solution address.


With our expert team to be the first address that comes to your mind when you need innovative solutions.


The most important for us as PharmaSoft;

  • It’s not about what is the problem, it’s about how we solve it.
  • To provide you a different perspective, combined with our expertise and our energy.
  • To offer you the most economical and high quality solutions.